First Course Menu

House Bread

Roasted Eggplant
with tomato salsa & tahini   

Herb Salad and tomato salsa
with sugared pecans and cranberries

Garden salad, herbs & feta cheese (sheep)
with olive oil and lemon vinaigrette sauce

Beef carpaccio with baby greens & Reggiano parmesan

Sautéed mushrooms in soy sauce, chili &
ginger, date syrup and walnuts

Chicken liver pâté served with cherry
tomato jam

Empanadas with homemade chimichurri sauce & chipotle aioli

"Rak Basar" Salad - with seared sirloin strips from the grill, served on a plate of roasted peppers and baby greens

Children's Meal - Schnitzel/hot dogs served with french fries and vegetable salad

Vegetarian Special

18 NIS

34 NIS

36 NIS

38 NIS


42 NIS

36 NIS

34 NIS

36 NIS

44 NIS

45 NIS

60 NIS

Gluten free

 Paleo dish