Rak Basar means Meat Only

First of all

A smiling hostess will greet you at the door with a free glass of our house wine.

Enjoy an unlimited amount of our wine with your meal for only NIS 35.

The meat counter

You will be accompanied to the meat counter where you can select the cut of meat in the amount of your choice, to be prepared by the butcher & sent to the grill. With another sip of wine, you will be seated at your table.

At your table

The first course will be served followed by a sizzling hot grill delivered directly to your table with the meats of your choice, accompanied by crispy baked potatoes and other side dishes you have ordered.

The Rak Basar story

Rak Basar was founded in 2008 by Dani Brand, a kibbutznik and agronomist, with a big dream of a unique concept in dining. Against all odds and professional advice, Dani opened the first Rak Basar restaurant in Tel Aviv, with love, professionalism and a passion for meat.

The quality meats in Rak Basar and Dani's enthusiasm draws customers from all over the country to come for a unique dining experience at Rak Basar, which over time, has expanded into a chain of four restaurants: two in Tel Aviv, one in Haifa and one in Rishon LeZion.

A Rak Basar Membership Club was established giving special bonuses, as well as a catering service, workshops, meat festivals are celebrated in our restaurants and a Butcher Shop selling fresh meat directly to customers.

Danny Brnad Founder of restaurants 'rak bassar'